Diffuse flux of PeV neutrinos from centrifugally accelerated protons in active galactic nuclei

This paper discusses the extragalactic (muon) neutrinos in 1-10 PeV range. They consider the AGN with certain bolometric luminosities to be the probable sources of extragalactic PeV neutrinos. The protons are accelerated close to 0.1 EeV or higher energies through Langmuir-Landau-Centrifugal-Drive (LLCD) mehanism.

Accelearation mechanisms:

  • LLCD (alternative to shock mechanism)
  • shock mechanism (widely accepted)
  • AGN corona acceleration model (explains IceCube neutrinos in the medium-energy range (~10-100 TeV)

The centrifugally accelerated protons interact with the soft x-ray and UV photons in accretion disk to produce diffused gamma rays and neutrinos in the energy range 1-10 PeV. In this study, they consider the AGNs located within z<6 as the possible sources, because the surveys done by Chandra and ESA suggest a large sample of AGNs with z>5.

They calculated the muon neutrino flux for two scenarios. They found that ~6% of the total bolometric luminosity of all AGNs is enough to interpret the PeV neutrino flux observed by IceCube.

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